Make Glue from Pasta Water!

Oh yes, you heard me right – you can make glue from pasta water! So if you are in a bind, make a plate of pasta (you got the pun, right?)

I know this may seem like a very random idea but just go with me on this a second…

When you cook pasta, the starch from the wheat used to make the pasta goes into the water, and cooks – this is the base idea behind other natural glues like wheat paste. The salt you add to the pasta water acts as a preservative, ensuring that whatever you use the glue on doesn’t go bad once it is fully dry.

The only drawback is that the “pasta glue” is very runny, it is water after all! So it does have its limitations! I personally have used it to make tea bag paper, which you can see in the tutorial below, and it really comes out amazingly sturdy, yet soft, almost like fabric!

Using pasta water as glue is pretty easy – before draining your pasta, ladle out some of the water into a heatproof container, or mug. Drain your pasta and sit down to your meal while the water cools. Once you have finished and are ready to create, take your water and use it like any glue – you will have to wait a while for it to dry and remember, it is very liquid!

I hope you have enjoyed this different idea for making glue – the full YouTube tutorial can be found below!