Welcome to the Shop section of the website! I have embraced the fact that I love doing multiple things, on many fronts, it has actually been kind of liberating to be honest – accepting that I am a multipod and that there are others out there just like me. And so, here are all the places where you can find me, buy my products and support my work. Don’t get lost out there…

Buy on Etsy

I sell some of my original mixed media art pieces, journals and digital kits on Etsy. The shop is updated frequently, so keep checking in!

Buy on Amazon

One of the many things I enjoy doing is creating stationery and planners. I’m a sucker for nice paper and patterns, what can I say!

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Commission a Piece

I am always happy to take on commissions for all types of creative work – from photography to mixed media, journals, or fiber arts. If it is something I can do I will give it a go – and you receive a singular, one of a kind piece of art, that nobody else will ever have. How cool is that?

Mentoring & Workshops

In my previous life, I was a teacher, because helping others is something I absolutely love doing. And it is something I have been wanting to do in my art for years. But I struggled to see myself as someone who could actually share her knowledge with others!

Through my journey, I discovered that in fact I could share my knowledge with others, and, most importantly, that others actually wanted to learn from me!