The Daily Collective Podcast

Launched in February 2023, the daily collective was a photography community and podcast dedicated to help, inspire and support creative souls wanting to begin and complete personal projects.

I created this community because, for me, being creative can be very lonely. But finding the right group of people to help you through your journey, support you, and give you help and advice is essential. I have always loved creating community around me, and doing something like this myself was a natural next step.

And then, the daily collective podcast began to evolve – as I evolved as an artist, I found myself experimenting outside of photography, connecting with other creatives and artists, feeling the support, frustrations and love of that community and so the podcast is expanding beyond photography, and including all forms or creative expression.

snail painting by elora viano

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  • Interview with Sharon Sycamore
    In today's episode I interview Sharon Sycamore, contemporary artist based in Lincolnshire, and we chat about the challenges and excitement of curating your very own exhibition. Here is a bit about what Sharon says about herself: “I’m a contemporary artist who has been working in acrylic’s and mixed media since lockdown in 2020.  That’s a…
  • Just Do It
    In today's episode I talk about giving yourself permission to just do stuff! Don't let yourself get into a niche if it isn't talking to your soul – just get out there and follow your creative heart, who knows where it might take you? ** Mentioned in the podcast: The Making Zen Retreat Amy Maricle…
  • Podcast Changes – It’s time to evolve!
    Life is a constant flow and ebb of creativity, it is separation and coming back together – and that is what has been happening to me, creatively speaking, lately. And one of the things that are changing is the podcast – I want to expand it to cover all different types of creatives, not just…
  • Just Checking In
    I have not disappeared! Not really anyway! This is just a quick note to check in with you sharing updates and changes coming to the podcast in the next few weeks – and I'm looking forward to sharing new episodes with you!
  • Interview with Kirsty Larmour
    Today I chat with Kirsty Larmour, super travelling mama, photographer and mentor. We talk about her personal projects, her love of travel, and David Attenborough. ** You can find Kirsty here: Website: Instagram: ** Follow the podcast! Website Instagram: thedailycollective365 and follow Elora on her personal instagram @lifeiswildandfree **Support this podcast** BUY ME A COFFEE – every…