Interview with Sharon Sycamore

In today's episode I interview Sharon Sycamore, contemporary artist based in Lincolnshire, and we chat about the challenges and excitement of curating your very own exhibition.

Here is a bit about what Sharon says about herself:

“I’m a contemporary artist who has been working in acrylic’s and mixed media since lockdown in 2020. 

That’s a relatively short space of time in the great scheme of things but since 2020, I have been accepted into the Lincolnshire Artists Society, have had major a solo art exhibition, have curated a joint exhibition and taken part in numerous local group shows. 

My work is now starting to be exhibited slightly further afield and I was delighted to be chosen for art fairs in South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire this year. 

I have a two tiny studios, one is near Lincoln where I live and the other in Yorkshire where we have a small holiday home. 

When I paint, I can’t resist including a lot of interesting textures, shapes and colours. 

I also aim to produce pieces which have a sense of history, have a feeling of flow and expressive marks, freedom of movement and contrasting light and dark tones. 

Although my paintings are not representational and are largely contemporary or abstract, I am still inspired and fascinated by the world around me and I find joy in immersing myself in nature, where just lately this has resulted in a new series of imagined vistas which are vaguely land / seascape in design. 

My latest work is available to buy either in local art exhibitions or from my website. “

You can follow Sharon here:

Instagram: @sharonsycamoreart


The artist Sharon mentions: Louise Fletcher


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