Bryony & Isabella | Kintsugi Mama Project

After a couple month’s break, I decided to do another round of the Kintsugi Mama Project. And it was so wonderful to see all the interest in modelling from so many people! Once again, after two days of photographing these wonderful souls, my cup was full to bursting with positive vibes and happiness! I do hope you enjoy the next few posts on the blog where I share some more images from the project. First off are Bryony and Isabella. I hope you are as inspired as I am.


Why would you like to participate in the Kintsugi Mama Project?

To celebrate what our bodies can do, and that they are capable of bringing life into the world. When I first got them I hated them but I’ve learnt to love them. They all tell a story and have brought me my two beautiful children


You can support the Kintsugi Mama Project by following along on our instagram: @kintsugimamaproject, and sharing the blog posts and images with family and friends! And if you would like to participate as a model, please get in touch (at the moment UK – based, but hopefully we will expand soon!)