Mentoring & Workshops

Everyone needs someone to help them on their journey. I have had help from so many people I’ve lost count! Each one of them took the time to leave a piece of their knowledge with me – and it is something I will never forget. It has shaped me into the person and creative that I am today.

In my previous life, I was a teacher, because helping others is something I absolutely love doing. And it is something I have been wanting to do in photography for years. But again, I struggled to see myself as someone who could actually share her knowledge with others!

Through my journey, I discovered that in fact I could share my knowledge with others, and, most importantly, that others could actually learn from me, and wanted to!

I hope that mentoring with me will help you along your creative journey, and to achieve the goals you have always wanted to!



1-2-1 pay by hour


  • one hour video session on topic of your choice
  • goals questionnaire
  • review of assignment
1-2-1 package


  • 2 hours video sessions on topics of your choice
  • portfolio review
  • goals questionnaire
  • review of assignments
  • one month free access to the daily collective|365 membership
  • worksheets and/or video recording of the topic studied


None at the moment – but they will be listed here as they come up!

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