Hello! I’m Elora, and I would love for you to be a part of my journey!

Come and join me as I find myself through nature, mixed media art, junk journalling, photography and community. Take a moment to explore this site slowly, read what interests you and take away what you will.

Life is a beautiful thing.


Mixed Media Art

I make mixed media journals, books, and stand alone pieces – some just for me, and some for sale. I hope you enjoy my journey through art, inspired by nature.

foraging journal

Personal Photography

Personal photography projects are incredibly important to me – they help focus my creativity, and are an important tool for healing and self discovery. They can help others and speak out about issues that are difficult to understand otherwise.

Wild & Free Art on YouTube

Check out my YouTube channel where I explore how to be creative using natural and recycled materials.

The Daily Collective Podcast

My podcast for creative souls. It is all about community, inspiration and just letting yourself go.

Foraging & Recipes

I am connected to nature and hope to pass that love onto my children. We go foraging, and collect wild food and then prepare it together. It reminds us about how generous this planet of ours is.

Mentoring & Workshops

Sharing knowledge is something I have always loved to do – it is a way of helping others along on their journey.

About Me

Hi! I’m Elora and I am a photographer and creative based in Lincolnshire, UK. I’m a liver of life and a strong believer in community. I love being creative and love sharing that with others…