Lizzie | Kintsugi Mama Project

Lizzie was not only one of my clients for my family photography business, but also one of the models who decided to come on her own, with no children, to her Kintsugi Mama session.

Kintsugimama Eviano Ld 5

I was so absolutely thrilled to have her come in and share this sacred space with me. I realise what a privilege it is for me to be able to photograph all of these incredible women!

Here is what Lizzie had to say about why she wanted to participate in the project:

I have an 8yr old daughter and 4yr old twins. I am still getting used to my “new” body shape and don’t always like it. However I feel that what my body has done for me needs to be appreciated/celebrated.


Thank you to Lizzie and all the other mamas for being a part of this! I hope you enjoy these images from our session.

Kintsugimama Eviano Ld 6

Kintsugimama Eviano Ld 1
Kintsugimama Eviano Ld 2

Kintsugimama Eviano Ld 7

Kintsugimama Eviano Ld 4

You can support the Kintsugi Mama Project by following along on our instagram: @kintsugimamaproject, and sharing the blog posts and images with family and friends! And if you would like to participate as a model, please get in touch (at the moment UK – based, but hopefully we will expand soon!)