Fiona & Yvette | Kintsugi Mama Project

Another wonderful Kintsugi Mama for you today! Fiona’s reason for wanting to participate in the project is also one of the reasons I started it in the first place:

It’s actually an image I wanted to capture myself, but never have to time to actually do. Women’s bodies do so much and create life and yet we hate the marks that can leave. I recently had my first daughter after four boys and feel a strong need to try and change the narrative around womens bodies.

Kintsugi Mama Fw 1

Changing the narrative around the female body is so very important – especially for our daughters, but also for our sons – if they grow up respecting a woman’s journey, then we all benefit in so many ways!

I hope you enjoy these images from Fiona and Yvette’s session with me – I am in love with every single one!

Kinstugimama Eviano Fw 13
Kintsugi Mama Fw 2
Kinstugimama Eviano Fw 7
Kinstugimama Eviano Fw 5
Kinstugimama Eviano Fw 8

You can support the Kintsugi Mama Project by following along on our instagram: @kintsugimamaproject, and sharing the blog posts and images with family and friends! And if you would like to participate as a model, please get in touch (at the moment UK – based, but hopefully we will expand soon!)