A Foraging Journal

You all know my love of foraging by now, but, as I am getting old, my brain is failing me, so I needed somewhere to note down where and when I found my plants, and, my favourite recipes of things I make with them. I could have simply purchased a notebook, but, being me, I decided to make one!


And so, I took an old travel book that was nearly 15 years out of date, gutted it, and turned it into a journal just for me – made by me. And it couldn’t have turned out any better thank it did!

foraging journal

These are photos I took when I had just finished it. It took me nearly a month to make, but worth every second. I am now filling it with all my finds and recipes, and promise I will show you some of the pages I have made.


I hope the girls will love this family keepsake as much as I do.


If you are interested in having your very own bespoke version, I do take on commissions! Just send me a message!