Circles | Artist’s Book

Circles hold a lot of symbolism for me – they represent life, the cycle of the seasons, perfection, wholesomeness, unity, eternity and so much more. In of themselves, circles are a calming presence, just looking at one makes me feel better – I have no idea why!

Wildandfreeart Circles 9

So, it was only natural that one of my artist’s books represented this very important symbol for me. I created this out of a box which came with a lens I purchased. It came with a precut circle in it, so it spoke to me. With a lot of patience, and time, Circles was born. On the pages I have written a few of they meanings of the circle, and used circular images from various found objects to decorate the pages.

Wildandfreeart Circles 8
Wildandfreeart Circles 11
Wildandfreeart Circles 6

You can see the full flip through in the video below:

I hope you have enjoyed this book. It is available for purchase – if you are interested in adding this to your art collection, please contact me directly. Thank you for all your support!