Courtney & Arthur | Kintsugi Mama Project

My third lovely models were Courtney and Arthur. And wow I was so amazed with Courtney and her positive body image! So inspiring. She owned those stretch marks and wore them proudly. And it made me proud to be there photographing her.


Here is what she had to say about taking part in the project:

I got my stretch marks whilst carrying my little boy, I was so upset during my pregnancy as they seemed to get bigger and bigger and darker and darker, but once I had him in my arms I didn’t care, I was proud that my body created this angel in front of me. They now remind me of being pregnant with him, remembering him growing inside me. Some days it’s easy to feel down about them and how much my body has changed but I just remind myself of what they represent and what my body has given me. It is a exciting idea to be a part of this project as I don’t really look at myself that much anymore, once you’re a mum it’s easy to forget yourself, the old you and adjusting to the new you, hard to feel confident and sexy and I think being a part of this project will make me appreciate my body and it’s sacrifice and remind me I still have a beautiful body even if it’s different to before


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