Making Decorative Papers | Celestial Papers |

One of the things I love doing is making papers. I like decorating it, discovering new types, making it from scratch, and painting it using different methods. One of the ways I enjoy making decorative papers, is by creating what I call “Celestial” papers – the name came from the feeling of being in space that I get from them – the glitter helps a lot with that!

decorative papers celestial papers

It is a really easy type of paper to make and all you need are a few supplies:

  • Acrylic paint in a variety of colours (I chose, blues, purples, greens and black)
  • Scrap A4 paper – I used leftover colouring sheets
  • Large paintbrush, plastic, spray bottle of water
  • glitter (optional)

To make this paper all you need to do is lay out one of your scrap sheets of paper, and dab a little bit of your paint all around it, use a range of colours to keep it interesting. Then, with your large paintbrush, use wide strokes to blend it in and cover the entire sheet. Since you are using darker colours, any print from the paper will disappear under the paint, however, just to be safe, I would avoid using papers containing sensitive information.

If your paint starts to dry out a bit, spritz it with water until it looks the way you like. Sprinkle some glitter over top (or crushed eyes shadow would work too!) then carefully set aside to dry. Repeat until you have enough papers. Once one side is dry, it is time to paint the other! Then set them aside over night to dry fully. These papers are super sturdy as the acrylic paint adds a protective layer to them.

Below is the video tutorial I posted on my YouTube channel:

I hope you have enjoyed making these papers and that you give it a go! If you do, please tag me on Instagram: @lifeiswildandfree