Rachael | Kintsugi Mama Project

Rachael was the last of my Kintsugi Mama models, and was the only one who came without any of her children! Which posed a bit of a challenge for me, as my goal is to help my models feel at ease and comfortable in their own skin, and this is easy to do when I have an adorable child to distract them with!

But I needn’t have worried as Rachael was totally at ease and, of course, she totally rocked it! So, here are a few images from our session!


I’m slowly trying to accept them, I’m proud of what my body has done and I feel guilty I sometimes don’t like the way it looks.


I truly hope you have enjoyed the project so far, I am hoping to be able to do another model call shortly, to add more beautiful golden stretch marks to the gallery!

In the meantime, feel free to read more about the project here! And do please share to anyone who you might think would feel connected to it!

You can support the Kintsugi Mama Project by following along on our instagram: @kintsugimamaproject, and sharing the blog posts and images with family and friends! And if you would like to participate as a model, please get in touch (at the moment UK – based, but hopefully we will expand soon!)