Why Blog?


Why start a blog? Quite simply because I have something to say. I’m not new to the blogging world. While I was living in Italy, I had my own blog for five or six years, and I posted all the time! I had stories to share, and photos, and anecdotes, and rants to get off my chest.

Then I became a mother, and time for myself disappeared and I was lost behind my children. This is also when I decided to start up a business, and I was so focused in getting my photography business up and running that I had no time for blogging or doing other things for me.

But now..

Now my business is running, the children are older, and my goal for this year is to carve out time for me, to do things for me, and to achieve personal goals. One of these personal goals was to create a platform for me to share my musings yes, and some recipes, and some personal photos, but also to grow as an artist, to create a community, and have my final goal of getting into teaching photography. 

I’ve recently been taking a course and the coach said, “Manifesting isn’t just putting your desires out there to the universe, and then doing nothing about it. It’s about putting out the desires, and then working on achieving those goals to show the universe you are worthy of receiving them.” And so, instead of just waiting for teaching opportunities to fall into my lap, I have decided to create my own.

So prepare yourselves. I am online and ready to roll.

Let the rambling begin…