Hello Artist Acceptance


I am so excited to write this today as I recently found out that I have been accepted as a Hello Artist in the Hello Storyteller community.

This is a really great achievement for me as it is recognition that confirms the level of the photographs I take and the work that I do. I says to everyone hey this photographer knows her stuff! And Hello Artist is also a lovely community to be a part of. This is one of the steps I feel I need to take in order to get into teaching and mentoring – it will provide me with the skills and training I need to become better. And that is so exciting!

Also, I have had critical feedback on my portfolio and this one made my heart sing:

You’re not trying to be anyone else in your portfolio or trying to see the world through another artist’s eyes. This body of work speaks to your unique voice.

Your storytelling is absolutely amazing. I love how you layer your elements so your image becomes about so much more than simply one subject. So many of your images had my eyes wandering and searching for more. 12, 46, 85, & 97 are just a few favorites.

I have been working so hard to achieve and find my own voice, which I know is an evolving and continual process and will change over time, but it has been something I have been struggling with for years (along with skin tones) – trying to fit in a box that I just don’t fit into!

It really has made my week – a week that started out with me feeling so low and down and discouraged about my work. Sometimes all you need is a little love.