Kintsugi Mama Project | LeighAnn

I think, of all the models that came to me, the one who took the biggest leap forward in self love was LeighAnn. She has struggled with self confidence, and loving her body, and, although she has two amazing children, she came to the session on her own. To me, this was a huge step, and I was honoured and humbled that she felt safe enough with me to let me photograph this, and share as part of the KM project.

Kintsugimama Lb 4

When I booked in my models, I asked them why they wanted to participate in the project, and what they thought of their stretch marks. This is what LeighAnn said:

Trying to gain a bit of confidence. I hate my body and stretch marks so just trying to feel a bit more confident.

Kintsugimama Lb 3

I do hope you can see how incredible you are – and thank you for taking part!

Kintsugimama Lb 2
Kintsugimama Lb 1

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