Lanterns | A Magazine of Light

I was absolutely thrilled to discover that two of my images were accepted in the publication of this gorgeous collector’s magazine: Lanterns.


The Atelier and For the Love of the Photograph community have been so important in my development as an artist, and I know I couldn’t have done a lot of the things I did without their support! First and foremost they began by showcasing my self portrait series, and then adding me to their team.


This is just the first chapter of Lanterns, and is dedicated to Honouring Self. Such a powerful message, especially to those of us who struggle greatly with our self image, self worth, and anything else we can find to criticise. The collection of images in this magazine are stunning, created by a wonderful community with heart, and with love, and who have supported and uplifted each other to the fullest.


So, a huge thank you to Chloe and Cindy and the entire team for including two of my images in this gorgeous collection.

You can find out more about the magazine, and order your very own copy here.


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