Publication in Shutter Up Magazine

Seeing your work in print, must be one of the most exciting things for a photographer. There is nothing like the feel of paper in your hand, and the colour and depth that only a print can give you. Which is why I try and get my work published as much as possible. It isn’t always easy – the competition is fierce, and honestly there is so much incredible work out there, that standing out is a challenge! But once in a while, it pays off!


This was the first time I had submitted to Shutter Up Magazine, and excitingly, my image was chosen, and appeared on the first few pages! So, of course I ordered my copy and eagerly received it in the post a few weeks later.

My daughter was thrilled to see her picture in a magazine, and is now walking around saying she is famous…. I will go with it for now, who knows she might be one day!