Dandelion Cookie Recipe | Vegan

‘Tis dandelion season and that can only mean two things: Gardeners complaining about all the “weeds” cropping up in their garden and Foragers doing the happy dance because dandelions are so versatile! You can eat dandelion leaves, roots and flowers and they all have great nutritional properties. I love adding the leaves to vegetable pies and soups, and I love making the flowers into cookies and other sweet tasty goodies!

dandelion foraging_livewildandfree

Today I am going to share with you this recipe for the best dandelion cookies ever – with the added bonus of being vegan too!

Dandelion foraging_livewildandfree


2.5 cups plain flour

1 cup caster sugar

1 1/4 cup vegan butter (I used Flora buttery and omitted the salt)

1/2 tsp pure vanilla paste or extract

pinch salt (if needed)

1/2 cup dandelion petals (yellow only as the green is bitter)

dandelion cookie recipe


Preheat your over to 10C/325F. Line your baking sheets with oven paper.

In a large bowl mix together the flour, salt (if using), and sugar. Then add the butter, vanilla and dandelion petals. Mix until crumbly and soft. You can use a fork or a handheld mixer but I prefer to stick my hands in! The dough should stick together when you squeeze it.

dandelion cookie recipe

Roll the dough out onto a lightly floured surface until it is about 1/2″ thick. Use a cookie cutter to cut out the shapes you like and place the cookies on the baking sheet. Continue re-rolling the dough and cutting out cookies until you have used it all. I like to then sprinkle some demarera sugar on top of my cookies before baking.

dandelion cookie recipe

Bake in the oven for 12/15 minutes until slightly golden. Remove from oven and leave on cookie sheet for about 10 minutes before transferring to a cooling rack.