Abstract Accordion Artist Book | Bright and Colorful

A while back I took a free online retreat called Collage Fodder School and one of the projects was to make painted papers using a gelli plate. Well, at the time I didn’t have a gelli plate, so I just painted directly on the paper. I just let it go and stuck to using the three primary colours. And you know what? I actually loved the results!

Wildandfreeart accordion front view

So much so that I decided I wanted to use these papers to make my own little book, and what better way than an accordion book? I love this kind of book because it really allows you to interact with the piece – you can flip through it as you would a normal book, or you can view all of one side as one giant piece of art, or even just a part of it. I feel this gives that extra layer of dimension to it.

Wildandfreeart accordion book top view

So here are a few images of my accordion book and a full flip through on my channel below!

Wildandfreeart accordion artist book
Wildandfreeart accordion book detail
Wildandfreeart accordion book

And here is the full flip through:

If you are interested in purchasing this artist book, it is available for sale. You can contact me directly here for more information.