Combining Macrame and Book Binding

Being the person I am, my creativity ebbs and flows, sometimes pulling me in one direction, sometimes in the other. Recently, the pull brought me back to macrame, and I got to thinking if there was some way to combine my macrame with my book making. And so I began experimenting. I spent hours testing ideas and trying new things, making test books and then actually trying it on an actual book – and it worked! I could hardly believe that I had managed. Of course in order to do all this I neglected a lot of household duties I probably should have done, but priorities, right? Who needs clean underwear, really?

macrame bookbinding

But back to the story at hand – I took a quick picture of my completed macrame binding attempts and shared it in a few of the crafty groups I’m in. Incredibly people thought it was a genius idea, and they were so excited by it, they asked for tutorials. And so I cobbled one together and posted it on my YouTube channel (I will share the link below).

I guess all of this is to say that you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment – it might not work, but then again, it might, and you might find unexpected success! So go out there and try – but maybe make sure you do all your laundry first…

macrame leaf binding
Macrame leaf pattern binding
beaded macrame spine binding
Beaded macrame spine binding
diamond pattern macrame binding
Diamond pattern macrame binding

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